BAR MAC RANCH - Est. 1965


Acreages & Pastures + Livestock Friendly.

No need to move or restrict lactating or nursing Horses or Cattle.

1 to 20 Acres.

Pricing ‘by the acre’ (minimum charges may apply).

Still Spraying Application I (Weed Kill)

All Natural Organic Tick, Mite & General Pest Control for
Trees, Pastures, Acreages, Lawns, Barns, Paddocks, etc.

Get on our schedule for App. II now:
(Late October to Early November: Pre-Emergence & Fertilizer).

Text, Private Message or Call Craig Bar Mac McCoy


Up at 5am down by 8pm.

US Army "Combat Engineer" Veteran Owned & Operated.

Serving all Okc Metro & Guthrie & Crescent to:

Kingfisher, Stillwater, Enid, Mustang, Yukon, Norman, Choctaw,…

Acaricide for Tick & Pest Control

OK, I have a really good Acaricide product for the Control & eradication of many arthropod pests in pastures, yards, trees, barns, paddocks, etc., including but not limited to:

Ticks, Mites, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Scorpions, Beetles, Mole Crickets, Grubs, Chiggers, Spiders and many other Pests.


Completely Organic/All Natural. Will not harm animals or humans.

It disintegrates the adult pest’s musculoskeletal shell causing death by dehydration as well as suffocation.

The MOST IMPORTANT effect is that it kills the millions of eggs, larva, pupae, etc. which are the real problem from propagation.

Also, as a residual side effect, it produces a pheromone which is noxious to the critters & confuses them, interrupts the breeding cycle and makes them move away from your area.

It should be applied in liquid spray form to BOTH the PERIMETER Trees & AREAS surrounding the pasture/lawn, as well as to the PASTURE/LAWN areas themselves; and to all large animal BARNS, STALLS & PADDOCKS for complete control and eradication of pests.

There are some who advocate simply Perimeter Control which creates a barrier to inhibit future infestation, while the majority recognize the prudence in a complete application as the eggs, larva, etc. are already scattered throughout the lawn, dark corners, leaf & debris pile buildups,…

Since it is totally Organic there is no need to move or withhold animals from treated areas.

The application is most effective when applied to MOWED & leaf/debris free pasture/turf areas for the product to reach the pest areas uninhibited by foliage barriers.

This Product is $100./Qt. (32 fl. oz.) Gallons jugs are available for order, $250. ea.

The recommended Mix Ratio (Product to Water) is 4 oz. (1/2 cup) for use in “Backpack” or “Pump” Sprayers [1 qt. product will yield 8 gallons of Treatment = $12.50/gallon];

While the Mix Ratio in “Pressurized” Sprayers* can be diluted to the rate of 8 oz. per 10 gallons [1 qt. product will yield approximately 40 gallons of Treatment = $2.50/gallon).

The product can be mixed with Herbicides, although the Herbicides need to be applied while the foliage is “grown out” for the leaves of the plants to take the treatment into the root system; but a proper “spray unit” will produce sufficient pressure to adequately reach the infested ground area.

FOR Additional Ino & QUOTES CONTACT:

Text, Message or Call Craig 'Bar Mac'McCoy

US Army Veteran Owned & Operated


Custom Deluxe 60 Gallon Pull Behind Trailer Sprayer Rig 


AVE 25% OFF Retail with this BRAND NEW handy, extended coverage Turf & Pasture Spray Rig.

This Rig will cover up to 6 Acres with a single fill-up
(10-12 gal./acre recommended coverage).

Perimeter, Spot & Tree Spray w/ 25 ft. Hose & SS Wand Attachment. Will Spray up to 35 ft Horizontally & 25 ft Vertically.

I have done all the leg work for you!

I have Researched, Driven, Looked at and Selected the 'BEST of the BEST' in Larger Pull Behind Trailer Spray Rigs for larger Lawn & Garden Tractors, ATVs & UTVs, Jeeps, Compact Tractors, etc.

I have purchased a small quantity of these rigs, Traveled 950+ miles & Picked them up Directly from the Manufacturer, at a significant Savings to
 me, that I am PASSING ON TO YOU!

If you have ever considered owning your own spray rig, NOW is the time to take full advantage of all of my very selective & discriminating efforts to purchase my own rig!

Easy to assemble, and ready to use. (I can assemble for you for a small charge of $35.00)*.

Delivery Avail. Approx. $1.00/mile, One-Way!

Units are still in the Original, Unopened, Manufacturer's Shipping Boxes and Ready to pick-up; OR I can Deliver right to your door for a reasonable charge.

At $950. per Unit, I'm just trying to get my money back to reap the benefit of my quantity discount purchase. Local Dealers are charging $1,150. to $1,250. for similar spray rigs.

*SPECIAL DEAL: Have Me Assemble Rig AND Install 2 Boom Cutoffs FOR $50.00. [$1,000.00 Complete]

Text, Private Message or Call Craig 'Bar Mac' McCoy

Up at 5am down by 8pm.

They are equipped with:
  • 60 gallon yellow, corrosion resistant, rugged polyethylene tank (UV resistant)
  • 5" Screw-on Fill Lid w/ Tether
  • Drain Cap for Full Drain out capability
  • Wand Storage Clips
  • Molded Fluid Volume/Fill Scale Indicator in Gallons & Liters
  • Agitator/Circulator in tank to assist in Mixing Fluids
  • 4 gal./min. 12V Smoothflo, Remco high-flow demand diaphragm Pump. Built to last
  • Includes "Y" Valve & Pressure Gauge (100 psi maximum)
  • 25 ft. X 3/8" EPDM Hose & Hose Tree for storage
  • Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Wand with Pistol Grip & Adjustable Tip
  • 35 ft. Horizontal & 25 ft Vertical Throw/Spray Capacity
  • 120" Wire Lead w/ Alligator Clips & In-Line Off/On Switch to attach to your battery
  • Mounted on Sturdy, Weather Resistant, Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Pneumatic bolt-on Tires
  • Adjustable Height Trailer Tongue
  • Easily Converts to Skid Mount Unit (comes "skid" ready)
  • 15 ft. X 9 Nozzle Double Breakaway, Spring Loaded, Adjustable Height, Fold-up Boom Attachment w/ TF-VP Tips (Covers 192")

I have converted my Spray Boom with 2 ea. Cut-Off Valves for Complete Control of Spray Pattern. 1 on each of the fold-out boom sections in order to use only the Center Section (3 nozzle), OR Center Section with Either One (6 nozzle) OR Both of the Boom Sections (9 nozzle) for difficult to navigate areas & Custom Spray Pattern(s); Along Fence Lines & Bldgs. etc.

(I can install Cut-Off Valves in yours for a small $40. charge).
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